3 Cool Poster Decorations Ideas for The Boy Next Door Movie Poster

Movie posters are eye catching and highly creative to capture the audience’s attention. For this very reason, it is not only an effective promotional material, but some even fall in love with it. So much so that they collect it and display it into their homes as part of the interior design.

In the thriller/horror genre, The Boy Next Door movie poster is one such collectible item. This movie poster comes in various sizes based on preference. For this movie poster, it’s the one originally issued by the studio during the movie’s promotions. It shows the movie’s stars Jennifer Lopez looking out the window. The star’s male lead, Ryan Guzman can also be seen on the lower portion of the poster. The movie’s catch phrase is printed along in the poster. The good thing about this poster is it’s double sided.

Whether you are a fan of JLo, fascinated with the actual graphics design of the movie, or an avid thriller film movie poster collection, it’s now time for some cool ideas on how to hang up this poster:

  • Ditch the frame and be creative – frames have always been the go-to when it comes to hanging posters, but for your Boy Next Door poster, ditch it. Be innovative. Use pants hangers, clips, binders, or clipboards instead. Making your poster look great and visually appealing is a guarantee with these frame alternatives.
  • Give it space – in museums and art galleries, each artwork is given its own space, a spotlight where its beauty can be appreciated by itself. You can do the same for your Boy Next Door poster! Regardless if you plan to decorate it on the living room, entertainment room, or the bedroom, make this movie poster the centerpiece of the room.
  • Group it into a gallery – galleries are a great way to display various artworks, showcasing the individual value of each piece, while creating a wall that has impact. With your Boy Next Door movie poster, you can create a horror/thriller poster gallery. If you’re an avid collector, select the best pieces from your collection and group it. Keep in mind to create a complementing aesthetics though. Alternatively, you can use other posters to include in your gallery, which aren’t necessarily movie posters.

Remember that your Boy Next Door film poster is the superstar here, so it should be the showpiece of your wall. To help your creative juices flowing here are more creative and interesting ideas for cool poster decorations.

While many people consider movie posters as more fitting for dorms and bachelor’s pads, there are more ways than one to hang it as part of your beautiful home. It’s all about giving free rein to your creativity!